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International Best Seller

You Created Your Agency...

To Escape From The Drudgery Of The 9-To-5.
As Your Ticket Out Of The Rat Race.
To Create The Life You Always Dreamed About.


But it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

While you’re now calling the shots, you’re also dedicating even more of your most valuable resource to your business – time! In this book, you’ll discover the blueprint that will help you to create a systemized business.

And it is those very systems that will help you to a build a business that serves your life.

Are you ready to create your dream business?

The Agency Blueprint

What You'll Learn In This FREE Book

Attract and Retain

How to attract and retain your ideal clients who value your service, are engaging and fun to work with, and don't beat you up on price.


Deliver Efficiently 

How to operate your agency so that it is efficient, delivering your clients value consistently without your direct involvement. Freeing you up to do what you want, whatever that might be



How to setup reporting that allows agency owners and its managers to Measure, Monitor and Improve the agency. Focusing on the actions that are happening today to ensure that goals are exceeded tomorrow.

What Readers Say

“Robert has created an indispensable guide for how to create not only the business you want, but the life you want. This book will show you how to restructure your team, streamline internal processes, and set clear and attainable goals for long-lasting success.”

Whitney B

“Once you start reading, you’ll want to highlight away, as each chapter will walk you through practical and strategic methods to optimize success in your business and personal goals.”

Victoria B

"Reading this book provided many insights into how I can transform my business. I am looking forward to getting started using this advise as I really think it will have big positive impact on my business and my day to day life.”

Miriam H

“An engaging, practical guide to creating a successful company and the lifestyle of your dreams.”

Sheena V

“Wow! I loved this book, very inspiring and informative! It effectively highlighted many issues that I wish to look into for my business to excel further!Would highly recommend!”

Penny W

“This book is informative and succinct. It has useful tips that will improve your work/life balance. The business plan provides flexibility and encourages reflection to develop a business model that works for you. It ultimately enables you to have more personal freedom and a healthy business.”

Kate L

“I am impressed with the thoroughness yet easy to understand suggestions brought up by this book! The author has really covered all the bases needed for success! Highly recommend this as a good business bible!”

Chris J

“Great insight and practical advice. Easy read and very informative.”

Shaina R

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Robert Patin

Fractional CFO & Agency Scale Partner

Robert is the Managing Partner and Founder of Creative Agency Success and the author of the international best-selling book The Agency Blueprint.


His focus is working with clients to manifest their dream business into a reality, with a foundational principle that simplicity is best. Through decades of experience working in finance and over a decade working with Creative Agencies he is able to expertly partner with clients to guide their businesses to achieve their goals.